Sungen Solar Energy Systems

Energy Revolution in Turkey with 780 mW Capacity

We hold the leadership in the energy sector in Turkey. As Sungen Solar Energy, we shape the energy future with our solar energy solutions.

Solar Energy Solutions

We are a leader in solar energy solutions with more than 100 successful projects.☀️

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Over 100
Successful Projects

SUNGEN has International Experience and Know How; It has started its activities in our country as an EPC(M) company in the Turkish-German JV Partnership formation since 2013.

It serves its customers with its experienced and expert staff in all areas needed by the sector such as Project Development - Solar Engineering - Methodology - TEDAŞ Project Design - Financial Modeling - LV/MV Solutions - ENH - Scada Automation - Turnkey Solar Power Plants Installation - Remote Intervention OM Services.

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Journey to the Future in Energy

Sungen Solar brings you environmentally friendly energy at every step with its powerful and durable systems. We offer both environmentally friendly and economical solutions with our pioneering technologies in energy conversion. Light up the future with us and step into a sustainable energy future.

Also, discover the latest information, projects and technological developments about solar energy on our YouTube channel - Subscribe, let's shape the energy future together! Stay connected with us on social media too! Follow our Facebook page and be informed about our events and current news.

To Every Country in the World We Provide Service

Sungen is also an active player in the MENA Region, managed from its Ankara Head Office. Since 2015, it has carried out many International Projects and within this scope, it has opened Representative Offices in Countries such as Finland, Morocco and Saudi Arabia.

  • MENA Region sole Authorized Distributorship agreement with ADL Power for New Generation Pylon Poles
  • 2 X 25 MW Field EPC(M) agreements for Iraq Region with Odeon LLc(USA)
  • 10 MW Rooftop EPC with Al Salhia Union and Hamad SUHAIL AL KHAILY EST. 10 MW Riyadh Rooftop EPC(M) agreements with
  • Hamad SUHAIL AL KHAILY EST. Signed 10 MW Riyadh Rooftop EPC(M) Contracts with
The Story of a Work That Works Wonders, Sungen Solar Energy Promotion Film
Our Sample Projects

Our sample projects bear the value of our brand and the traces of our success.

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Why Sungen Solar Energy Systems?

Sungen Solar Energy

Ordinary Solar Energy

Technology and Innovation
It uses the latest technology in solar panels, providing 20% higher efficiency.
It uses technology at industry standards, but is limited in innovative solutions.
Efficiency and Performance
It provides 25% more efficiency in average annual solar energy use.
With lower efficiency, annual energy fluctuations may occur.
Environmentally Friendly Approach
It uses sustainable materials and 30% less carbon emissions in the production process.
It makes limited efforts in environmentally friendly practices.
Price and Economic Advantages
Competitive prices, saving up to 15% on long-term energy costs.
Standard pricing, limited economic benefits.